Miko 3 Review

Imagine how happy your kid will be when they meet their new friend for the very first time. The Miko 3 is an artificial intelligence-powered robot created to be a sort of teacher for young children aged 5 to 10 years old. This robot can detect emotions and adjust its behavior depending on how long it has been interacting!

As the world gets more linked, new ways to converse with robots emerge. "Hello Miko," for example, and ask it questions like "What time will your favorite program air?" can even debate whether one sport's team is superior to another! The answers you get from this small bot will amaze you at first, but will soon become regular because it knows precisely how much information we're searching for when we ask these types of questions - something that no other AI system can provide quite like this...

The software included with the new Miko 3 allows you to do a lot more than simply play games! You can dance, crack jokes and riddles, and even sing a song to your Bluetooth-connected friends or family members, all while earning points for appropriately answering challenges. The activities accessible through this software are limitless, so let's see if the Miko 3 is worth the purchase.

Design & Display

The Miko 3 features a wide-angle HD camera and high-tech sensors to assess distances and movement changes depending on what you're doing. There's also a 4.4-inch touch screen with an IPS display that gives good color performance for viewing angles, making this gadget ideal for work or play!

The Miko 3 not only has a non-toxic ABS polymer outer shell, but it is also under 9′′ tall and weighs under 1kg 500g! So, while we're not utilizing our Mikos as a resting location for your desk or bookshelves (they'll fit either! ), you can simply carry this little fella on travels thanks to how lightweight they are - ensuring that nothing breaks no matter where we go!


The Miko 3 robot includes a plethora of entertaining games to keep your child amused. They'll never be bored with 1000+ content possibilities! Plus, there's an additional subscription plan if you want more. Miko Max provides them with access to all top-quality educational apps which include stories and activities based on what they learned during playtime; and CosmicKids' amazing interactive programming series, which focuses on teaching lessons about space subjects including planets, geoscience, and so on.

This app's content is an amazing approach to teaching children about STEM.  There is no need for parents or tutors because it includes everything from age-appropriate lectures to encryption keys so your kid can learn without worry (and even some games! ), engaging coding activities, and yoga training!

The most recent Miko 3 robot update is a great success. It's like playing hide and seek with a real, breathing human! The new "I Seek You" option will have you looking for safety in confusion as it walks around and uses a face detector while bravely looking at its surroundings, trying to figure out where on earth I might be running from this scary robot that's following me around. Miko 3 Parent App is an absolute must-have for parents who wish to capitalize on the technology that their children are already utilizing. With simple monitoring capabilities, you can track the skills your child has learned by playing with miko3 and set restrictions on when it is not available so they don't become too immersed in its features without restrictions!


The Miko 3 robot is an excellent method to get your children up and moving and having fun. It's simple for kids or even an adult who doesn't understand how these things work, with the Dance Master tool! You can play any song from anywhere - no matter what smartphone you have - and let Miko perform all of the jobs while they dance together with easiness because he clearly knows when each beat begins so there won't be any waste of time trying to figure out where one must start dancing at first look as we often see occur sometimes after getting done tricking ourselves over some piece of videotaped footage which eventually ended.

Final Thought

What is there not to like about this fascinating robot? The Miko 3 recent updates have made the experience more interesting. Different games can be played according to your child's developmental requirements, such as reasoning and wellness! There are even options for older children who require some assistance programming their own robots, owing to an easy-to-use software interface—and no coding is required (unless you're looking for something different)!