Why Do Gamers Hate the Epic Games Store?

Epic Games is a renowned gaming studio that has produced many games over the last 25 years and more. Despite this, it is common for gamers to show their hatred towards Epic Games Store so openly. If you wonder why everyone hates Epic Games Store, read the article till the end. 

What is Epic Games Store?

Epic Games maintains a virtual video game marketplace called the Epic Games Store, which is compatible with Apple's macOS and Microsoft's Windows operating systems. The company offers various services, including matchmaking, a rudimentary catalog queue, and governance for friends lists. 

Epic Games further intends to increase the functionality of the marketplace. However, the company doesn't plan to add as many attributes as other internet streaming portals, such as online forums or customer testimonials. 

Why Gamers Hate Epic Games Store?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why Epic Games Store is notorious. Most gamers tend to hate it to the extent that they don’t even like to listen to the name of this game development store. Let’s discuss some common reasons gamers hate this virtual marketplace for games. 

  1. The "Toxic" Game That Is Fortnite

Fortnite is a video game developed by Epic Games. It is responsible for populating the planet with whiney, flossing children who are ten years old and an incredibly toxic fandom of people of all ages. The game mode known as "Battle Royale" in Fortnite is a recruiting ground for abusers. 

The video game has many emotes and comments designed to ridicule that you have just humiliated someone else in the game by severely defeating them. It's a horrible setting; veteran players and newer players will struggle.

  1. Microtransaction

It should be no surprise that the company relies heavily on in-game purchases known as "microtransactions" to maintain its game operation.

  1. Personal Information That Is Not Secure:

According to many gamers, this game store wants to use the money they have made from Fortnite to establish a monopoly on highly anticipated exclusive games for the PC platform by using their Epic Games Store. However, even Steam doesn’t do that, except for games created by Valve, nobody does it. 

Steam may be the first platform to get a game, but the platform nearly never has exclusive rights to games. This strategy of aggressively coercing gamers onto one's medium is universally condemned as unethical and should be avoided.

Tencent, a multinational software and electronics corporation with headquarters in China that maintains close ties to the Chinese government, holds a significant financial investment in Epic Games, as per the gaming world. 

Since they have a vast manufacturing market but pay little attention to the substantial damage they cause to the environment; China has been a contentious topic for a considerable time. 

Nearly everyone in the country is harassed, underfunded, and pushed to extremes. The government is infamous for reportedly using shady means to obtain personal information from citizens without their knowledge or consent. 

It is most likely that this pertains to the Epic Games Store. It is not what people want to support, especially considering that Tencent just purchased Epic to make a large amount of money from Fortnite's sales.

  1. Unreal Tournaments: 

The Unreal Tournament series has been discontinued. This act has eradicated the entire following of the Epic Games Store, which consisted of millions of Unreal players from over the world who developed mods, weaponry, games, and other content. 

Additionally, their revised financial objectives have achieved nothing except dismantling the enterprise they founded many years ago in the hope of amassing wealth. They no longer have any interest in producing video games because—you guessed it—Fortnite has taken over their lives. 

Whether you like it or not, Fortnite was the game that defined the latter half of the 2010s decade. Along with the meteoric rise in popularity came a meteoric surge in money, and corporations decided that they wanted money more than they wanted to take a risk and try something new, or player bases desired that.

  1. Connectivity through YouTube for Fortnite:

The past few years have seen an explosion of clickbait Fortnite material on YouTube. This type of content captures the interest of five-year-olds, who shouldn't even be on the platform in the first place because they have such a short attention span. 

To the point of insanity, the game is forced down everyone's throats, and even if you try to block it out, YouTube will find another method to display it to you. Even if you try to shut it out, the game is forced down everyone's throats. It's getting to the point where it's intolerable to keep seeing the exact thumbnails of young males with astonished expressions and arrows pointing to a figure or weapon.

  1. Open Bribery:

By offering developers and publishers incentives, Epic Games ensures that Steam will not be capable of selling its games. Last-minute bribery has poured in for several highly anticipated games, including some for which contributors were promised Steam credentials throughout the campaign. 

Given that Steam has been all over for the longest (nearly 17 years), it makes sense that most users would want to store all of their favorite games there. The Epic Store explicitly forbade players from doing so by stopping Steam from offering their games.

Wrap Up!

In response to your inquiry, I will say that Epic Games is responsible for its current unfavorable reputation in many ways, thanks to its actions over the past few years. Most of it comes directly from them focusing solely on Fortnite and ignoring everything else to make a quick buck at the expense of years and years' worth of accumulated players and mod developers. 

The potential involvement of the Chinese government means that things can only go from bad to worse for them, which is especially problematic given that they are now engaged in a legal battle with Apple.

If you want to point the finger at someone or anything for Epic's fall from grace, you should blame Fortnite. I realize this is the easy way out.